i met this guy a few weeks ago and I haven’t legitimately cared THIS MUCH about what a person thinks of me in SO LONG and it’s super refreshing to know I can still get excited this way i don’t even care if it doesn’t work out to be soul mates or whatever I am FEELING


Don’t worry, Glee taught me everything I need to know on how to be an ally to The Gays™ :)




Harriet was a BAMF

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So yeah, maybe I’ve been watching too much Kubrick the last few days, but I’m kind of surprised no one’s commented (well, they probably have, but I haven’t seen it) on the nifty little ways the filmmakers are sending subtle messages about Peeta, Katniss, and ‘The Mockingjay’.

Because, check it out


Peeta, in all white, the color of good and innocence and trust. And a lot of people have commented on that collar, because the threat there is implicit: you say what we want or we will hurt you. 

But then you’ve got The Mockingjay


In black, the obvious counter-point, and no matter which side of this war you’re on it’s going to read dangerous - the exact opposite of Peeta’s seeming purity and innocence. But if you’ll notice, she’s got a high, closed collar; maybe not with a lethal looking blade sewn into the fabric, but still binding and restrictive in it’s own way.  

And there could be several reasons for that, but the way I’m choosing to read it is that, as the Mockingjay, Katniss is just as restricted and controlled by District 13 as Peeta is by the Capitol. And, you’ll notice that in every scene Katniss isn’t in her Mockingjay suit her collar is unbutton


like when she’s demanding D13 rescue Peeta. it stood out because I didn’t notice anyone else’s collar so consistently unbuttoned in the trailer, but that’s not really the point. The point is that, once the cameras are off she’s free to say what wants, regardless of who she’s talking to. 

yeah, the heat is making me loopy. 

You’re not loopy.  This sounds completely on track.  Both are being controlled.  Both don’t care too much for politics; they just want to keep those they love safe.  They don’t care about the big picture because the existence of the Capitol encroaching on every aspect of their lives, growing up, have made them disillusioned about any big scale reform being possible.  They are not altruistic, and this shows us that that will be the thematic focus on this film.

Black is also a rogue character color, and Katniss is the rogue in Mockingjay.  She does not always do what you will predict.  Partly because she’s unstable, yes, but also partly because she follows her gut instinct.

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pinklunchboxrevenge said: Teaching everywhere nowadays . The number of hours I spend on tedious paperwork sometimes feels like it could break my teaching soul.

See, I would expect this bureaucracy more if I were teaching in the States, but I’m in China.  The past two years, they barely dealt with us except to make sure we were going to our classes and English corner.  And turning in the grades at the end of the semester, of course.

And suddenly, this school in China is so different and wants paperwork from us.

It’s not very difficult—but it’s annoying because, as I do it, I could have taken a shorter amount of time doing it my way.  

What’s all the paperwork you do?



Just saw the new Mockingjay trailer and WHOOoooOOooooo adrenaline for the rest of the day.

Tracks (2013)

I believe when you’ve been stuck too long in one spot, it’s best to throw a grenade where you’re standing—and jump.  

And pray.

All the reports we have to do for this school are tedious.  I sent an absentee report that was a simplified version, and they told me to do it the way that takes longer and i see no difference?


saying you don’t like feminism because you don’t like the term “feminist” but still believe in equality is like denying that the cake is moist because you don’t like the word “moist”

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